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Below you will find the D155 eLearning/Remote Learning Plan as well as the remote learning plans by building. 


Wilson Elementary Weekly Remote Learning Plans by Grade Level

Click the current week below for lessons - in English followed by en Español

(Teacher contacts are on each week's lesson plans.)


Wentworth Intermediate Remote Learning Plans

All 3rd through 5th grade students will go to classroom.google.com to view the learning activities for the day.

(If you are not logged in, it will ask you to log in.

Once you log in, if you haven’t joined the class yet, click “Join Class”.  Your class will, then, be loaded.)

Please read each set of instructions.  

You will need to check the “Stream” and the “Classwork” tabs on the Google Classroom.

Grades 3 - 5 Teacher Contact Information

3rd Grade Dana Berton dberton@calumetcity155.org
3rd Grade Jennifer Caine jcaine@calumetcity155.org
3rd Grade Mandy Graziano mgraziano@calumetcity155.org
3rd Grade Georgia Lolis GLolis@calumetcity155.org
3rd Grade Brandi Tanner btanner@calumetcity155.org
3rd Grade Lynn Kooistra lkooistra@calumetcity155.org
4th Grade Nakiliah Keith nkeith@calumetcity155.org
4th Grade Jane Librizzi jlibrizzi@calumetcity155.org
4th Grade Daniel Perso dperso@calumetcity155.org
4th Grade Marciel Blaisdell mblaisdell@calumetcity155.org
4th Grade Rebecca Coulson rcoulson@calumetcity155.org
5th Grade Lisa Kleczkowski lkleczkowski@calumetcity155.org
5th Grade Lauren Krause lKrause@calumetcity155.org
5th Grade Deborah Clark dclark@calumetcity155.org
5th Grade Danielle Doll ddoll@calumetcity155.org
5th Grade Gail Batinick gbatinick@calumetcity155.org
3-4 Cross Cat. Laura Bello lbello@calumetcity155.org
4-5 Cross Cat. Eric Dahl edahl@calumetcity155.org
Reading Spc. Norma Doyle ndoyle@calumetcity155.org
Social Worker Kristine Cochrane kcochrane@calumetcity155.org
Speech Becky Schwarzentraub rgoddard@calumetcity155.org
ESL Raquel Salazar rsalazar@calumetcity155.org
PE Edwin Rodriguez erodriguez@calumetcity155.org
Music Brandy Weiss bweiss@calumetcity155.org



Wentworth Junior High Remote Learning Plans

All 6th - 8th graders’ assignments for each day of eLearning, will be available in the student’s Google Classroom classes.   

Google Classroom classes are accessed by going to this link: classroom.google.com.  If student is not logged into their Google Account, they will, then, log in.  All classes in which the student is enrolled will be available there.

Each day’s work will be accessed within the classroom for each subject.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Contact Information

6th Grade ELA Kathryn Kosner KKosner@calumetcity155.org
6th Grade ELA Kaitlyn Thompson kthompson@calumetcity155.org
6th Grade Math April Doorneweerd adoorneweerd@calumetcity155.org
6th Grade Math Ronald Pierre-Pierre rpierre-pierre@calumetcity155.org
6th Grade Sci Shrouq Mansour (Substitute) smansour@calumetcity155.org
6th Grade SS Matthew Dorgan mdorgan@calumetcity155.org
6th Grade Resource Ashleigh Pieniazek apieniazek@calumetcity155.org
6th Grade S.C. Natasha Walker-Robinson nwalker-robinson@calumetcity155.org
6th Grade Rdg Spec. Kimberly McGhee kmcghee@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade ELA Faith Ramirez framirez@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade ELA Christopher Pfeifer cpfeifer@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade Math Brandon Reyes breyes@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade Math Dorothy Rock drock@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade Sci Terri Fortney tfortney@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade SS Kirby Green kgreen@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade Resource Ashleigh Pieniazek apieniazek@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade Resource Patricia Blewitt pblewitt@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade S.C. Lisa Patlaba lpatlaba@calumetcity155.org
7th Grade Rdg Spec. Kimberly McGhee kmcghee@calumetcity155.org
8th Grade ELA Hannah Meibers hmeibers@calumetcity155.org
8th Grade ELA Margaret Novak mnovak@calumetcity155.org
8th Grade Math Annette Kebr akebr@calumetcity155.org
8th Grade Math Amy Rosenhagen arosenhagen@calumetcity155.org
8th Grade Sci Erin Kading Davis ekading-davis@calumetcity155.org
8th Grade SS Julie Stephan jstephan@calumetcity155.org
8th Grade Resource Patricia Blewitt pblewitt@calumetcity155.org
8th Grade S.C. Amber Jackson ajackson@calumetcity155.org
8th Grade Rdg Spec. Kimberly McGhee kmcghee@calumetcity155.org
Encore Music Leisl Brown lbrown@calumetcity155.org
Encore Health Thomas Hansen thansen@calumetcity155.org
Encore PE Chris Nicholson cnicholson@calumetcity155.org
Encore PE Raina Lawler rlawler@calumetcity155.org
Encore STEM Sharon Lazowski slazowski@calumetcity155.org
Encore Comp. Stephen Ligda (Temporary) sligda@calumetcity155.org
Encore ESL Sheila Macklin smacklin@calumetcity155.org
Encore Media Spec. Stephen Ligda sligda@calumetcity155.org



District 155 eLearning/Remote Learning Plan


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