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I am a third-grade teacher at Wentworth Intermediate School.  I am lucky to work with 4 spectacular innovative teachers.   I love working at is my happy place!  When I am not at school, you will find me spending time with my family and friends.  I am lucky enough to have married my college sweetheart.  heart  We have three children.  A college junior at Ohio State University, a senior in high school, and an eighth-grader.  

I feel so honored that I get to be an integral part of so many children's lives.  I tell the students that someday when I am an old woman and they are grown and have families of their own, we will pass by each other on the street.  In those moments of passing, our eyes will will be as if no time has passed.  We will be transported back in time.  Back to the year we spent together...growing and learning.  Our hearts will fondly remember the laughter, fun, and challenges of third grade.  No matter how old your kiddos get, I will always remember them and our time together.  I will forever be interested in your children, and where their paths take them.   Thank you for letting me have them for one of their school years!

XOXO-Mrs. Tanner

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